Figure it out for yourself.

Am I a leader? Well, what is a leader? A person who leads. Can you lead without having any followers? The answer might be yes, but it would seem that a leader with no followers is something akin to an emperor with no clothes.

So I feel that if I proclaim myself a leader, I am claiming that I have followers. Declaring that I am a leader is like saying that the people I work with - collaborators, co-workers, and partners - are my followers. That is something I will not do. Only they can declare whom they follow. I would not claim to to speak on their behalf. On the flip side of that coin, I am not saying I am not a leader. If you want to know if I’m a leader, you should figure out what kind of traits makes a leader and interact with me to figure out if I have those traits.

I enjoy helping people reach their goals. In order to get them to that goal, I will "do stuff". I am a do-er. I will think of the best way to achieve a given goal and set myself on a path to get to that goal. If someone asks me if something is possible, I set forth and do it to show that it is possible. If you want to get something done, give me a shout. You can get in contact with me via LinkedIn.